Apple launching redesigned iMac this year

Apple is going to launch redesigned iMac this year and mac pro which will be smaller and handy compare to the existing mac pro. If you are an apple lover and are planning to buy apple products wait for a while. Apple is launching redesigned iMac this year. Along with it, Apple is working on the mac pro.

According to the Bloomberg “Apple Inc is planning to redesign the iMac since 2012 which they are going to launch this year.”

The new model will comparatively be compact and will be thinner similar to the display of Apple’s pro display XDR monitor. Codenamed J456 and J456 will be the model replacing 21.5 inches and 27 inches.  Lastly, this is not official news. It has not announced yet. This will be one of the biggest updates in Apple product this year.

Apple company was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and launched the first iMac’s in 1998. Escaping the condition of bankruptcy it became the most expensive company in the world. Apple is using Intel processor instead of their own chip and planning to work on new mac pro desktop computer.

So let’s wait for redesigned iMac and hope it will launched soon.

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