Best personal finance software for 2021

  1. Mint
    The best personal finance software overall

Advantages of Mint:-
Full-featured but simple to use
Free with ads
Subscription monitoring
Mintsights feature offers guidance

Disadvantages of Mint:-
Some ads promote poor financial habits

  1. Quicken Deluxe
    Best personal finance software for maximum customization

Advantages of Quicken Deluxe:-
Full customization of spending categories
Local data storage brings peace of mind

Disadvantages of Quicken Deluxe:-
The mac version of the device still lags behind PC and there is missing multiple currency support and credit reporting
Free support has limited hours

  1. Personal Capital
    It is one of the best tools for understanding and growing your wealth, don’t worry about budgeting or bill pay

Advantages of Personal Capital:-
It offers great educational offerings to truly understand your wealth.

Disadvantages of Personal Capital:-
It is possible to add non-retirement savings goals also the guidance offered is of low quality.

  1. Acorns
    It is the best way to save without noticing.

Advantages of Acorns:-
Great way to earn extra money
Several portfolios to get started investing

Disadvantages of Acorns:-
A minimum charge of $1 per month

  1. Yotta
    It is the best way to make a game of saving more money.

Advantages of Yotta:-
Gamification is fun

Disadvantages of Yotta:-
You can find higher savings yields with online banks
Now full-featured personal finance software
Amateurish interface

  1. Honeydue
    Best for managing finances with a partner

Advantages of Honeydue:-
Annotations on transactions facilitate easy conversations
This is good for couples as it is completely combined finances as well as with those who keep some things separate,

Disadvantages of Honeydue:-
The budgeting functionality could be more robust

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