Hamza Ali Abbasi got quite possibly the most acclaimed superstars of Pakistan not long after he joined Showbiz. Pyaray Afzal gave a lift to Hamza’s vocation at the underlying phase of his profession. Hamza Ali Abbasi has dealt with a restricted of undertakings including Maan Mayal and Alif. A year ago Hamza Ali Abbasi declared that he won’t be a piece of the media business any longer. Yet, presently gossipy tidbits are circling that he is making a rebound in media and individuals are scrutinizing him severely. Hamza Ali Abbasi in a new meeting discussed his assertion of leaving the business:

“The individuals who are stating that I did Tobah from showbiz. I am shocked that my video is as yet present on my channel and on the web. Nobody tried to watch that video which was just 17 minutes in length.”

Hamza Ali Abbasi Clarifies his Statement of Leaving Showbiz Industry

“I utilized these words purposely that I a leaving media not on the grounds that I think its haram in Islam. I said completely on it that I have arrived at a resolution that I feel that craftsmanship, media. ach type of workmanship whenever done in a specific breaking point kept by Allah isn’t just Halal yet. It is the need of great importance that we use it and I am getting aside since I needed to consider,I need to offer opportunity to this and I need to impart answers to individuals. It is an extremely tedious thing.”

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Hamza Ali Abbasi


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