WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Faces Legal Challenges In India

Whatsapp Updated its privacy policy on 4th January 2021. You can read it out for more information WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Faces Legal Challenges.

According to the faq of privacy policy updated by WhatsApp. It says that they have recently updated their privacy policy. They have made clear that the policy update will not affect the privacy of their client’s. Saying that they can’t see our private messages or can’t hear private calls also they have made clear that they do not keep logs of who everyone is messaging or calling, they can’t see our location and also do not share our information with Facebook and also people can download data.

“Message sends through WhatsApp is legal evidence. We can say when the blue ticker is seen in the WhatsApp. It means that to another friend on the other corner has received other copy of the communication”.According to Bombay high court.

Rohit Jadhav observed that the defaulter received all his data and had read all its content. So that SBI cards filed a case against Jadhav to recover credit card dues of 1.17 lakh. At the meantime, Jadhav was not accepting any notice from the representative of the company. Jadhav needs to pay 85ooo thousand INR in 2011. When he failed to pay 85000 thousand INR the company approached the high court. Lastly, the court emailed the notices.

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